Anti-social behaviour including graffiti

Is a member of your family involved in anti-social behaviour?

Have you seen a family member behaving in an anti-social way? Have you heard rumours about them? If so, maybe you are directly affected.

Why are they doing it?

There may be many reasons:

  • problems at home
  • they are around others that behave this way
  • they are upset about something
  • drug and alcohol abuse
  • no-one's told them to stop

You will know your family well and may already know some of the reasons. This will be just as upsetting for you as it is for them, so it's important that the problem is sorted out.

Whatever the reasons are, it's important to remember how the victim is affected. Anti-social behaviour can make the victim feel:

  • afraid
  • frustrated
  • angry
  • depressed

What can you do?

Sometimes family members can have a good influence on each other. Encourage them to talk to you or someone else in your family about what is going on.

If you don't think that's working, you should tell someone about it yourself. If the problem continues your brother, sister or other family member might end up in trouble and might be making someone else's life miserable. It can be very difficult, but you will be doing the right thing if you:

If you think it's getting really bad, perhaps you feel you need to report it even if you know they will get into trouble. It's better they get into a bit of trouble now than it get worse, as they'll just get themselves into a lot more trouble later on:

Getting more help

For more information about anti-social behaviour visit our ‘Get the facts’ or ‘More help and advice’ pages.

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Anti-social behaviour including graffiti