Honour based violence

Are you worried your friend is involved in honour based violence?

If one of your friends has some kind of involvement in honour based violence, whether they're leading it, or being pressured by other people, it's important for them and your community that you talk to someone about it. Don't ignore it, or the problem could get much worse.

Tell someone:

  • If you feel you can, talk to your parents or another responsible adult.
  • If you want to talk to someone outside of your community consider speaking to a teacher at school.

Or, if you're ready to report it - do, it's better that they get into trouble now than even more serious trouble later - or worse still after somebody has been hurt.

Another way to get in touch is to come into any police station at any time or we can arrange to visit you at home or somewhere else if that's easier or more comfortable for you.

You could even ask someone else to speak to us on your behalf, like a friend or relative, a youth worker or a solicitor. You could also ask someone from your local authority, housing association or advice bureau to speak to us. The most important thing is that you speak to someone.

Our Community Safety Units

The Metropolitan Police Service has made it a high priority to tackle honour based violence with special Community Safety Units located in each of our 32 boroughs. We will investigate all instances of honour based violence, even in cases where there is only a small amount of information or where a victim has not reported it themselves.

Getting more help

For more information about honour based violence visit our ‘Get the facts’ or ‘More help and advice’ pages.