Honour based violence

Honour based violence and the law

Honour based violence isn't right and certainly isn't legal. It is particularly under-reported, as often victims are too scared, shocked or tied by family or community loyalties to speak out. For your personal safety and that of the wider community, it's vital that you report any incidents to prevent further crimes. We deal with every case in the utmost confidence, so please report it and together we can tackle it.

What types of honour based crime are there?

The term ‘honour based crime’ covers any criminal offence that is driven by a mistaken desire to protect the cultural or traditional beliefs of a family or community. It may or may not involve violence. It can include:

  • personal attacks of any kind, including physical and sexual violence
  • forced marriage
  • forced repatriation (sending someone back to a country from which they originate without their consent)
  • written or verbal threats or insults
  • threatening or abusive phone calls, emails and instant messages
  • Forced Marriage will soon be made a criminal offence
Honour based violence

When is it a matter for the police?

Always. We can help you and point you towards any additional support that you may need, and will do everything possible to bring the people responsible to justice if this is safe for you. We deal with every incident in a confidential manner and work to protect your safety.

Reporting honour based violence to the police

The Metropolitan Police Service records and investigates all instances of honour based violence, even in cases where there is only a small amount of information or when a victim has not reported it themselves. We do this so that we can provide more protection that could prevent further abuse or violence or in some cases, forced marriage.

Every London borough where the Metropolitan Police Service operates has a team of specially trained officers, in local specialist Community Safety Units, whose responsibility it is to investigate hate crimes and instances of honour based violence and give you the support you need. They work together with our Child Abuse Investigation Command, Safer Schools Officers and Safer Neighbourhood Teams to tackle all honour based violence incidents.

For more information about our Community Safety Units visit our main Metropolitan Police website.

Honour based violence

If you have any questions about honour based violence or you would like to speak to us about it find out the best way to contact us here. You can also stop a police officer in the street or visit a police station. If it's an emergency and someone is in immediate danger you should call 999.

Alternatively, if you are worried about any issues relating to honour based crime, there's plenty of help and support available. ‘More help and advice’.