Domestic violence and abuse

Are you experiencing domestic abuse?

If you are suffering abuse you are probably scared and upset. But there are ways that you can change things and there are many people who can help you.

Firstly it's very important that you remember:

  • it is not your fault
  • violence and abuse are wrong
  • it must stop now

But whether or not you feel scared or embarrassed, you should tell someone or it is unlikely to ever stop.

What can you do?

Tell someone what's going on.

  • No-one will judge you.
  • Nothing bad is going to happen.
  • You may be surprised at the support and help that you find.

Here's who you could talk to:

To report a crime visit the ‘Reporting crime’ section on the Metropolitan Police website or alternatively find out how to get touch with your local Community Safety Unit on the same site. You can also visit the ‘How to contact us’ page on this site.

Domestic violence and abuse

Getting more help

To speak to someone in confidence about domestic violence and abuse, visit our ‘More help and advice’ page, or for more information visit ‘Get the facts’.