Drugs and alcohol

Does a member of your family have a problem with drugs or alcohol?

Taking drugs or drinking too much alcohol can make a person behave differently. Mood swings can be harder to deal with and this change may be upsetting for you to watch. They may be trying to hide their problem from you, so it might be hard to spot.

Drugs and alcohol

What can you do?

Chances are, you know them well and know whether or not you can talk to them directly about the problem. If you can, then get them to seek help by talking to someone:

  • other family members
  • friends or another responsible adult
  • and if it's someone who's a similar age to you, such as your brother or sister, perhaps a professional on the Talk to Frank helpline - 0800 77 66 00

If you don't think this is going to be possible, then the most important thing to do is to tell someone yourself.

  • No-one has to know it was you.
  • You will get some good advice that will make you feel less anxious.
  • Your family member won't get into trouble. This is about helping them out of their problem.

Whether it's your mum or dad, brother or sister or some other member of your family, you can find information to help them in our more help and advice section.