Drugs and alcohol

Do you think a friend is involved in selling drugs?

It can be hard to think of a friend as a dealer. But if they are it could end up getting them into serious trouble.

Sooner rather than later they will be in trouble either with the police or wth someone else. It is vital they get out of dealing as soon as possible because:

  • prolific dealers can be imprisoned for life
  • they are likely to come into contact with extremely dangerous people
  • they encourage drug abuse, which can kill
  • they are in serious danger of ruining their future chances of getting a job or travelling to some countries
  • they make money out of other peoples' misery

Why are they doing it?

There may be a lot of reasons why your friend is selling drugs:

  • they think it's easy money without truly understanding the dangers
  • they think earning money is cool, however dirty that money is
  • they have problems at home
  • so far they've been getting away with it and can't seem to stop

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What can you do?

It can be difficult challenging someone who regularly breaks the law, but there are lots of people you can turn to for help and advice. They are making money out of what they do and may feel threatened by you talking to them about it or asking questions.

They might turn against you. It is important to remember that other people are suffering because of how they are making money. In the long term your friend will be much better off if they can stop dealing immediately, even if it means getting into trouble now. It has to stop before someone gets hurt.

You could speak to someone yourself, but do it privately with someone you trust, or a professional whose job it is to help. Talk to:

  • your parents or other member of your family
  • a teacher or another responsible adult
  • a professional at ChildLine on 0800 1111 who can offer help and advice in confidence

Report it

Perhaps you feel you need to report it, even if you know your family member will get into trouble. It's better they get into trouble now than getting into much more serious trouble later:

Getting more help

For more information about drugs and alcohol visit our 'Get the facts' or 'More help and advice' pages.

Drugs and alcohol