Drugs and alcohol

Does your child have a problem with drugs or alcohol?

There are a lot of myths about drugs and alcohol and many of them might make you worry about your child. It's important that you arm yourself with some facts before you take action.

Why are they doing it?

Young people who take drugs or alcohol could be doing so for a number of reasons. Maybe they are:

  • feeling anxious or depressed about something
  • being pressurised by other people or experiencing bullying at school (if so consider reading our section called 'Are you worried your child is being bullied?')
  • pushing boundaries
  • looking for excitement
  • unhappy at home

What they will need most of all is support:

  • listen
  • do not judge your child
  • talk to them about it
  • keep an open mind
  • let them know they can talk to you at any time.

What next?

You may feel reluctant to seek help and advice when it comes to your own child, but it can be bewildering trying to understand the problems of different kinds of drug abuse and addiction. A dedicated professional can help you to deal with this difficult problem without it necessarily getting out of control.

As a first step, the best thing you can do is talk to someone about it. From there the advice will be specific to your child's circumstances.

There are some excellent websites with full and comprehensive information about different drugs and their effects. Start with the Talk to Frank site and you'll find others in our 'more help and advice' section.

Consider also looking at the following site for advice about how to help your child: Be Someone to Tell.