Drugs and alcohol

Drugs, alcohol and the law

Illegal drugs are linked to all sorts of problems with your health and with the law:

  • The only way to really avoid getting into trouble is to not have anything to do with drugs at all.
  • Drugs are taken very seriously by the police and even if you are under 18 you can end up arrested and in court.
  • You could end up with a criminal record or be sent to prison. Any such record could affect opportunities in the future.

To see how drugs are classified read our ‘Get the facts about drugs and alcohol’ section.

Drugs and alcohol

Alcohol can also lead to serious problems:

  • Drinking alcohol often leads young people to behave in an anti-social way.
  • Drinking too much can end up with you getting into fights or being more vulnerable to being attacked.
  • Being drunk is not an excuse for criminal behaviour - you will be arrested even if what you are doing is out of character.

It is important to remember that carrying alcohol when you're under age (under 18) is illegal - whether or not it belongs to you. Illegal drugs are illegal whatever your age. Don't let anyone talk you into carrying drugs for them. It is also illegal to carry open containers of alcohol on the London transport system, including the underground, buses and overground trains.

Selling drugs

Drug dealing is a more serious crime than taking drugs. Drug dealers can get sentenced to life in prison.

Police also have the power to take away money or other belongings made from dealing drugs.

If drugs or alcohol are affecting your life or you'd like to know more about them there's plenty of help and support available. Visit our page 'More help and advice'.