Drugs and alcohol

Are you involved in selling drugs?

If you are reading this, then you probably already know that what you are doing is damaging, illegal and could end with you in hospital or prison. The fact that you are looking for help shows that you are trying to change.

Maybe you have already seen the effects drugs can have on people and that is why you are looking for a way out. It's never too late to stop. Perhaps you will find that friends and family are still there for you, even if you haven't been very kind to them.

What's the problem?

  • You might be doing it for the money.
  • Maybe you think it's just a bit of fun.
  • Perhaps you've been pressured into doing it by someone else.

Whatever the case, you need to understand that what you're doing is very serious. Where there is money to be made illegally, there are dangerous people around. You may have a patch or a series of regular customers. Sooner or later, another dealer may be attracted to the money you are making - and things could become very dangerous for you. The police will take an interest in you too - and there are tough penalties for people who deal drugs.

What can you do?

The important thing is to talk to someone about it:

  • a good friend
  • your parents or a responsible adult
  • a teacher
  • your Safer Schools Officer or Safer Neighbourhoods Team
  • an organisation like ChildLine on 0800 1111 - you won't need to give your name and won't be judged for what you've done
  • but also do some research; you need to understand how bad drugs can be and why you need to leave them behind - take a look at the Talk to Frank website

It can be difficult taking that first step, but once you do you'll realise that people will listen to you and help you through this change in lifestyle. There are lots of ways to give it up and lots of people to support you.

Drugs and alcohol

Getting more help

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