Hate crimes

Hate crime and the law

Hate crime in all its forms is unlawful. This includes:

  • personal attacks of any kind, including violence
  • written or verbal threats or insults, harassment and name calling
  • damage to property, including graffiti
  • threatening or abusive phone calls, text messages, emails, instant messages and messages sent in chat rooms

All hate crime is a matter for the police. We'll help you report it, point you towards any support you may need and do all we can to bring those responsible to justice.

Hate crimes

What happens to people who are caught doing hate crimes?

If a young person is caught taking part in hate crime of any kind, it may lead to them being arrested. If they are subsequently warned, cautioned or charged and put before the courts they may receive a criminal record which could prevent them from getting certain types of jobs.

How to report hate crime

Every London borough has a team of specially trained officers to investigate all types of hate crime, and give victims and witnesses the support they need. These units are called Community Safety Units.

Find out here how to get in touch with yours 24-hours-a-day.

Hate crimes

You can also report some hate crimes to non-police organisations such as those listed below. For more information visit our ‘More help and advice’ page.