Hate crimes

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What is hate crime?

A hate crime is any incident that is perceived by the victim, or any other person to be:

  • racist
  • homophobic
  • transphobic (discrimination against transsexual or transgender people)

Or due to a person’s:

  • religion
  • beliefs
  • gender identity
  • disability

London is one of the most vibrant, multi-cultural cities in the world. But with so many different people living here with all kinds of opinions, religions and ways of life, it is an unfortunate fact that a small number of people will feel threatened by something they don’t understand.

Hate crimes

Things to know

  • The Metropolitan Police Service has made it a high priority to tackle hate crime in all its forms
  • Hate crime is one of the key concerns of our specialist community safety units which operate in each of Londonís 32 boroughs
  • The Police recorded 42,236 hate crime offences in 2012/13 according to the Home Office statistics.
  • This figure may appear high, but we know that hate crime is hugely under reported for a number of reasons and we want victims/witnesses to ANY hate crime to report it via the many methods mentioned below in ‘more help and advice’

Reporting hate crime

No hate crime is too minor to report to the police. We record all incidents brought to our attention whether or not a crime has been committed. Hate crime in all its forms can affect the whole community, not simply those involved.

If you are a victim of hate crime or maybe you know someone who is, there’s plenty of help and support available. Visit our ‘More help and advice‘ page.

Hate crimes