Get Involved with the Metropolitan Police Service

Opportunities for young people with the Metropolitan Police Service

If you're aged 10 or over, there's plenty of opportunities for you to get involved.

Volunteer Police Cadets

Since 2013 we have been able to offer two complimentary volunteer police cadet programmes The first is a Junior Cadet programme for ages 10 (must be in year 6 at School) -13. Junior Volunteer Police Cadets invites young people to take part in a programme which will teach them life skills, social responsibility and help them to build positive relationships with the police.

The youngsters join the VPC family and are led by senior volunteer police cadets (VPC) and cadet leaders, who have been coached and trained in mentoring and leadership, to provide positive role models to their younger peers. The programme provides a safe consistent environment for them as they make the transition from primary to secondary school.

Senior cadets is further offered to ages 14 (year 9 at school) and 18, joining the Police Cadets is the perfect opportunity for you to get involved, meet new people, and do something worthwhile for your community.

As a volunteer police cadet you:

  • meet up for a few hours each week to learn new skills
  • meet up for a few hours each week to learn new skills
  • help to prevent crime and coordinate minor public events in your local area

Join up and you'll find yourself doing things like:

  • learning police skills like radio communication
  • taking part in police training exercises
  • participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme
  • gaining accredited qualifications
  • promoting local crime prevention initiatives by giving out leaflets and helping with mobile phone and property marking schemes
  • being part of an extra uniformed presence at public events like Trooping the Colour, the London Marathon and Remembrance Sunday

Find out more about Police Cadets on our careers website or see for yourself on YouTube.

Metropolitan Police Volunteers

The Met Volunteer Programme (MVP) was established in 2001 to help get communities more closely involved with local policing, and to help us improve the service we offer. It’s open to anyone aged 18 or over.

As a Met Volunteer you:

  • lend your skills and free time to help make London safer
  • can volunteer in the borough you live or work in

Currently volunteers support us in areas like:

  • assisting at front counters
  • general administration
  • taking part in role-plays for police training
  • Neighbourhood Watch support

There’s more about volunteering with the Metropolitan Police Volunteers on our main site.

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