Travel safety

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Lots of us travel every day in London and very rarely do we encounter problems. But safety across all forms of transport is still a top priority for the Metropolitan Police Service, the British Transport Police, the City of London Police and Transport for London. Working together, we're committed to making you feel safer and secure wherever you go.

Travel safety

Policing of the London's travel network is funded and supported by Transport for London (TfL). Here are some of the things in place to keep you safe while travelling in London:

  • Over 2,500 police and police community support officers patrol buses, the tube, Docklands Light Railway and London Overground.
  • All of London's 8,500 buses, London Underground and London Overground stations are fitted with extensive CCTV.
  • Specialist transport police units focus on issues such as illegal cabs, criminal damage, theft, and staff assaults.
  • Joint transport and police control centres operating 24/7, connecting transport staff to the police in case of an emergency.
  • Alcohol is banned on the tube and buses to make travelling in the capital a far more pleasant experience for the millions of Londoners who use it each day
  • 600 Revenue Inspectors patrol the tube and bus networks to tackle anti-social behaviour, reduce fare evasion and manage the ‘Zip 11-18’ free travel scheme on buses. For more information about ‘Zip 11-18’ visit the Transport for London website.

Also on the Transport for London site you can find out more about policing and enforcement on the transport system.

Are you worried about your safety when travelling in London?

On the rare occasion when you feel safety is an issue, there are things you can do. Click on the links below:

Travel safety