Travel safety

Safer Transport Teams

Safer Transport Teams are responsible for policing buses and trains across the 32 London boroughs. They are there to make you feel safer when using public transport and to tackle issues of crime and anti-social behaviour affecting transport and travelling in your local area.

Safer Transport Teams consist of at least one inspector, three sergeants, six police constables and a minimum of between 18 and 21 Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs).

The Safer Transport Teams work in partnership with local transport operators, Safer Neighbourhoods Teams, Town Centre Teams and Safer Schools Partnerships (SSP). They also work closely with the British Transport Police at train stations and interchanges to improve safety and security across the whole transport system.

How Safer Transport Teams work:

  • They provide a familiar, visible and accessible uniformed presence on the transport system.
  • They listen and talk to the public, staff and local businesses, communities and schools on and around the transport system to identify local concerns, giving you a real say in the way your transport network is made safer.
  • They work with TfL, local communities, transport staff, other Metropolitan Police Service teams and British Transport Police to tackle safety issues.

Some of the things the Safer Transport Teams do include:

  • working with partners to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour on the transport network
  • engaging with the travelling public to provide personal safety and crime prevention advice
  • tackling graffiti and vandalism
  • tackle and investigate cycle crime and carry out cycle marking events
  • working in partnership with TfL's Revenue Inspectors to tackle anti-social behaviour and fare evasion
  • carrying out patrols to identify and deter suspicious activity

For more information and to contact your Safer Transport Team visit the main Metropolitan Police site.